What is Silicon Valley’s greatest reigning monopoly? How did PayPal manage to emerge from the dotcom implosion? Can you build a great tech company and keep it private forever? And how did Elon Musk manage to wreck an uninsured, million-dollar car with Peter Thiel in the passenger seat speeding on the way to a VC meeting? Marc Andreessen and Thiel discuss all of it in a wide-ranging conversation that toggles off the topics in Thiel’s new book “Zero to One.”

Remixing FiveThirtyEight: In Search of the Midwest and the South



By David Mendoza

The great Walt Hickey of FiveThirtyEight wrote two excellent articles about the ambiguity of which states constitute the Midwest and the South. On Wednesday, Hickey released the data from his posts on GitHub and asked readers to remix his work. Specifically, Hickey wanted people to use the zip code data from his SurveyMonkey Audience poll results to answer these questions:

Where are the Southern and Midwestern expatriates? Do local definitions of regions explain the Midwestern inability to agree on the core states? And how split are residents of difficult-to-categorize states, such as Missouri and Virginia, on their own identity?
I decided to use Google Fusion Tables to map this zip code data and see if I could answer some of these questions.

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